b. 1953
Living and working in Ski, Norway

2005-06 Tronrud Engineering, trainee (TC-1 loom)
1980-84 Studio Elise Jakhelln Weaving, Trainee
1981-82 Oslo University College, department of arts and crafts
1975-77 University of Oslo, department of mathematical sciences

2010 Urban Weft, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 The Annual Autumn Exhibition, Gjøvik art association, Norway
2010 Volum Festival,
2010 Portraits, Ski art association, Norway
2009 Aksjon Geriljabroderi, Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway
2009 The Annual Autumn exhibition. Gjøvik art association, Norway
2009 Thinking different; Thinking JacquART, ETN Haslach, Austria
2007 Four from the North, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen, Denmark
1983 Annual exhibition, Norwegian association for arts and crafts, Hamar, Norway

2008 Oslo City hall, Norway
2008 Ski cultural office, Norway
2007 Ski Næringsråd, Norway
2006 Oslo City hall, Norway
2002 The Constitutionsbuilding of Norway, Eidsvoll, Norway
2001 The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UBM)

2010 Awarded for best work at the annual autumn exhibition, Gjøvik Art Society, Norway